Ever upward

I wrote several years ago about living my life such that it peaks not abruptly at middle age but instead somewhere toward the end of life.


And yesterday I had the opportunity to hear from someone who is doing exactly that.

Martha Stewart is 73 years old. She wakes every day to trek a few more steps up to her own personal peak. She has written 83 books, issued three decades worth of magazines and TV shows, and is just now getting excited about building software and walking down streets she hasn't seen. She is always learning things. I imagine she feels her most fulfilling moments are still ahead.


When asked to what era in her life she would return, Martha replied unhesitatingly, 'The future, always the future.'

I want to think like that. That the here and now and where you've been are quite all right but that something even greater still is out there.

Every day. Ever upward.

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