I'm repurposing search for discovery

Right now, Kinja doesn't have many planned methods of discovery (ways you might find interesting users, posts, or Kinjas outside of your native Kinja habitat). The primary ways you can discover new people and posts are by reading existing content and then following users and Kinjas you discover within that content. This often means clicking through a rabbit hole of bylines and headlines until you discover something bizarre or new.

Other platforms solve this problem by offering up suggested users to follow, syncing up with your social networks, personalizing a content stream for you, or serving up the most popular content of the day. We're not there yet. (And that's okay!)


So until then, I'm having some fun using the Kinja-wide search function for discovery. I started out doing this with searches for 'Amazon' or 'want' to find posts to optimize or share into my own personal Kinjas. But I'm now getting much further down the rabbit hole with more random word searches:










One of these searches yielded this post by Matt Hardigree with a brief timeline of Gawker Media's history. Others led me to a Chinese censorship blog, a post about knowing whether or not you've been roofied, and some odd accounts of personal experiences.


This leads me to believe that there's a lot we can see, but there's also a decent amount that we don't know about. I'm looking forward to discovering more.

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